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What happens when a person rooted in management culture takes a different path – one that is steeped in the ancient traditions of Buddha? And then he synthesises the two, merging his academic and corporate experience with the wisdom of enlightened masters who have discovered the way to a happy and fulfilled life? A very unique amalgamation occurs. One that Nithya Shanti uses to help others learn enduring life skills.

Through his open and corporate workshops Nithya Shanti helps participants get in touch with themselves, leading the way to personal development and spiritual awakening. His light hearted and informal manner and practical and simple techniques pave the way for an experience that many have termed life changing. He keeps his audience engaged through stories and encourages meditation and introspection in an atmosphere of trust. Free-flowing and responsive to the mood of the audience, Nithya Shanti’s workshops are the gateway to a happier and more rewarding life.


Merely addressing standard prototypes to bring about change in the corporate world is not enough. What is needed to induce the best possible performance in an organisation is development of each individual’s consciousness and human spirit.
Nithya Shanti’s corporate workshops are tailored to meet just this need. Customised to the requirements of an organisation, they are a blend of current management practices and spiritual tenets. What results is the honing of skills with lifelong significance. 
Proceeds from the corporate workshops help to subsidising the cost of Nithya Shanti's Open Programmes, Youth Initiatives, and other social, not-for-profit activities.
The following are some of the most popular corporate workshops. 



“Everything is perfect. And Everything can be improved!” This is Nithya Shanti’s belief and his open workshops are designed to teach us that life can be truly joyful if we let ourselves open up to our inner beings.These workshops can be organised at home, or for a school, office or community.