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 Dear Nithya , 

With deep gratitude in my heart of the past few days which have lent me so much of clarity andView All Testimonials

Youth today lives with stress, competition and peer pressure that many cannot cope with. Nithya Shanti, who has a special ability to connect with youth, can provide them with practical tools for self-understanding, self-acceptance, development and growth. He helps them empathise with their emotions, challenges and aspirations. His friendly, light-hearted and non-dogmatic methodologies particularly appeal to the result-oriented youngsters of today.

The SMS - Some More Smiles workshop is basically for pre-teens and teenagers, 12 -19 year old. An experiential, interactive and non-serious joyshop, it offers a forum to reconnect with what is truly important in their lives. Friendliness, approachability, humour and wisdom in action are the hallmarks of this workshop. Participants learn how to live in a more harmonious, joyful and playful way through short movies, games, interactive exercises and some wonderful short meditations. Various techniques and tips to achieve extraordinary results are also imparted.

Minimum number of participants required: 25

How it has helped:

It was the happiest day of my life. I felt very happy and refreshed after the session. I found the teachings of Nithya very useful for solving problems and to live a happier life. It was the best session I have had in my life. I now believe that energy does exist in our body and I could feel it. I will do the exercises everyday and if I score good marks in the exams it will be only because of the workshop. We should have these sessions 5 times a month. Now have I understood the true value of life."

- Aditya, Class X

This was a really nice session. All my tensions and fears went away. The main thing that I liked was the meditation. It helped me in every aspect of my life. This workshop totally changed my life. This was really the happiest day of my life. I hope we get one more day for this workshop to be continued."

- Pranali, Class X