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 Dear Nithya , 

With deep gratitude in my heart of the past few days which have lent me so much of clarity andView All Testimonials

Nithya Shanti’s years as a Buddhist monk have equipped him with an insightful understanding of ancient, esoteric teachings and meditation practices. His balanced, logical and scientific approach also sustains his continuous exploration of modern, contemporary discoveries and processes. His unique blend of tradition and contemporary teachings and techniques has had a profound affected on people across the world, and several workshop participants have expressed the desire to learn more.

Nithya Shanti offers 5 to 10-day residential retreats known as JOYtreats where participants are introduced to:

Meditation, Concentration & Awareness – Inner Happiness

Learn about the levels of consciousness, the process of creation, how to calm your mind and open your heart. Discover the brightness of life when you abide in awareness. 
Bridging Hearts – Happiness in Relationships & Community
Learn practical ways to dissolve anger and resentment in your relationship with yourself, others and all of life. Discover many refreshing new ways to strengthen the heart connection with each other. 
Stress Release & Personal Effectiveness – Happiness in Contribution 
Learn some amazing and highly effective methods to reduce stress in your life and practical tools for success in whatever you do. 
Making Every Day the Happiest Day! 
Integrate all that you have already learnt. Absorb eight timeless principles and 25 daily practices for happiness.  
Minimum number of participants required: 10
How it has helped:

You have been a true inspiration to all who come into your contact. Your passion, joy, depth of practice, knowledge, your light hearted compassionate essence, your ability to touch the hearts of all those around you, your genuine love and caring for all. I give you my love, and I give you my heart! May you continue to be a loving channel of blessing for the entire world…and so it is!
- Ante, Yoga Therapist, Canada