Dear Nithya , 

With deep gratitude in my heart of the past few days which have lent me so much of clarity and brimmed me with happiness . 
Taking the liberty of sharing with you a little verse I penned just a while ago : 
Such is life that it gives joy 
in an avalanche 
and the heart feels full and at same time empty.
Devoid  of any feelings: ill or willed 
brimming with intention: of living in the present. 
That life is wonderful and not sooo serious
That one can visualize , vocalize , actualise and thereby miracle-ise .
That with a big 'CANCEL' the demons whimper away
That the feeling of gratitude never fades away.
That In happiness of my being I allow everyone to be 
that some jobs are best left for HIM to complete
That every cell of mine has a star and a dust 
It's what I feed ,what I let rust .
That the highest in me bows to the highest in thee
That the happiest day of my life 
is right before me.
 In gratitude of you dear Nithya Shanti 

Shilpa, Singapore

Dear Nithya

I come to each retreat with multiple intentions and by the time we start I would have narrowed it down to one or two and ultimately at the end of it, I would feel I have got an even more basic shift in my thinking which has a larger impact in my life. 
This specific retreat my intention was to effortlessly work towards my goals and ambitions and thru the brahma viharas some where I felt that, I was holding on to too many goals in my life with a doer mentality and what I ultimately looked for was to be at rest. 
In the one on one discussion , I felt that I tapped that part of me which was feeling stressed at the big list of things to do and the need to master and complete them all. 
I have at least got a glimpse of what it feels to let go of that need and approach things from a relaxed state. 
I intent to work on that further and bring on the much needed peace and relaxation to me and my loved ones

Thank you so much Nithya and the equally compassionate and loving fellow retreaters. 

Cant thank Heera and Dipti for the love and care and detailing they do to make out stay comfortable and the  overload of good and healthy food. 

Smitha, Chennai

 Dearest Nithya,

The brahmvihara retreat was really wonderful . It just fell on my lap when I was looking for it . There were deep teachings but in a light hearted way , which made the internalization smooth and easy . It felt like a tailor made retreat for me and I had sense of fullness and completeness by the end of it. The four brahmviharas were like four hundred million trillion stars which if made a part of life can be transformative . I never go with intentions but I did this time and they were met . I have come with lot of take away . Equanimity being the key word . The amount of love received during the retreat was heart opening and heart touching . Not to forget all the fun and the puns during interactive times in the session or in free time , which had its own teachings too. All in all I have come rejuvenated and kind of empowered . Looking forward for longer retreats like this and making an intention for that . Thank you so much for your beautiful presence in this  life .
Love & like
Pinky, Singapore