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 Dear Nithya , 

With deep gratitude in my heart of the past few days which have lent me so much of clarity andView All Testimonials

HADAYOLI is simply ‘The Happiest Day of Your Life’!

This joyshop is designed to help the layperson to overcome daily challenges, stress, tensions and fatigue, and learn to adopt a more conscious, joyous and loving way of being. Nithya Shanti was in deep meditation when he was inspired in this direction and he subsequently created a set of transformational teachings which he shares in an atmosphere of trust, light-heartedness and joy.
The HADAYOLI joyshops are immensely popular, with many participants frequently choosing to attend multiple programmes. Though a broad framework is maintained, every HADAYOLI joyshop tends to have its own distinctive energy and unfolding. It involves deep listening, deep love and deep silence, and introduces participants to the power of the mind, meditation techniques and simple exercises.
Minimum number of participants required: 25. 
How it has helped:

After the workshop I had a vision of my son on the dias and people clapping and congratulating me on his achievements.When I checked my mail the 8th day I had an invitation from the Kumon India Gurgaon(a japanese method of Maths which my son pursues) where they wanted to facilitate him and their other top children on their achievements in maths. I cannot express my gratitude in words. Even though I was aiming for something higher, I had at least made the beginning.
- Mother of an Autistic Child