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Do you find yourself out of sorts or uncomfortable in the corporate environment? This empowering programme is designed just for you! It will help you to re-align to the inner sources of your creativity, inspiration, purpose and strength. It is a highly interactive, experiential and joyful approach to learning the principles and practices of ‘Conscious Living’. This means living with greater awareness and compassion, being true to your inner voice and larger mission for the true benefit of yourself and others. In short, you learn to harmonise with the natural principles of the universe for success, wellbeing and peace. You will access the strength; clarity and energy you need to actualise your potential and contribute positively at your work-place, home and in the community.

Minimum number of participants required: 10 
How it has helped:
This session was awesome in every sense of the world!!! It has left me happy and uplifted, and I forgot all the tensions related to my work. My sincere gratitude to Nithya Shanti for sharing this wisdom and the way of living life to the fullest and also for helping me to overcome my fear of public speaking. I look forward to many more sessions. 
- Analry Nongkwal, IT Professional, Aviva, Bangalore
I had never attended such a beautiful seminar before. It was marvellous. I learned a lot of things, such as 'how to concentrate’, which was the major thing missing in my life.  I will make sure that I get a chance to listen to you again. This seminar helps purify people’s heart and mind. 
- Rushab Vora, Pune